How To Build Websites For Profit

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Jul 29, 1970 -

With limited experience and limited data, you can build and maintain sites for profit and build websites using WordPress, Blogger and other free web hosting platforms. Here are some methods that you can use to do this. Build Websites for Local businesses. Charge your customers for the initial design and installation of your website. Most people don't want to pay for the software you require to get the job done. Instead you should charge for it as an additional service to your website. For example, you could charge a fee for designing and installing a website that would allow customers to submit feedback. Once the website is designed, post customer's comments on your web page. You could also set up an auto responder, which will forward email requests to the customer. Send emails at regular intervals such as once every week or once each month. If possible you should contact the customer by phone before creating the website. This will provide a great opportunity to talk to the customer and make them feel comfortable about purchasing from you. You need to have a web hosting platform in order to set up a website. The platform should allow you to install your own HTML files onto the server. Most web hosting platforms also allow you to create blogs. You may also want to set up a shopping cart system. These systems are very common and can be installed easily. You will need to register and provide passwords with the web hosting company to get started. After setting up your site, you can monetize it using a free web hosting platform such as Squidoo or HubPages. You will need to put content on the page to promote it and make money. You can do this by placing AdSense ads on the page or embedding Google AdSense code within your page. You will also need to update your site often with new information. Your site will remain live, unless you remove all of your files. If your site is maintained and updated regularly, then it will stay online indefinitely. If you choose to take this online business route, there are several places where you can learn how to build websites for profit. There are many books and courses that are available to teach you how to do this type of work. You will also find a wealth of valuable resources on the internet. These resources are the best way to learn how to build websites for profit. You can gain knowledge from the experienced sites that have been in operation for years. Learning how to build websites for profit will help you realize your dream of becoming a very profitable business online. You will not only have an income, but a source of income to supplement the income you earn from your job.

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